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Muscle Warfare Now Available at Fitness First USA was started in 1996 as a mail order nutritional supplements provider for military members stationed overseas. While working as a VP of a small chain of supplement stores in New York, the founder, Mark Landsperger, realized from customers and family that our military members overseas had no good options for getting their protein powders and other supplements while deployed. When his company was purchased by a large chain of stores, he was given a small severance check and he decided to move on his dream. 

The company started with 24 hour phone service and toll free phone numbers in all areas of the world where US Soldiers were deployed.

Today the website generates 98% of the sales but customer service remains the top priority for What made them attractive to military members in 1996 is what has made them a leader in the business today to all bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts – Low Prices on the Best Brands, Top-Notch Customer Service and Low, Flat Rate Shipping rates.


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