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Intense Training Muscle & Joint Recovery

Blend Of 4 Precisely Blended Proteins

Leucine Rich 8:1:1 BCAA Matrix

Enzyme Blend For Maximum Digestibility

Low Fat, Low Carbs, & No Added Sugars

Zero Whey Concentrate, Casein Or Gluten


Intense Training Muscle & Joint Recovery. Utilizes A Precise Blend Of Four Innovative Proteins.



MRE is a ground breaking core protein innovation from Muscle Warfare for serious athletes and professionals. MRE’s results driven formula contains four of the world’s highest quality proteins blended together in a precise dosing pattern. It’s specifically designed to support muscle and joint tissue repair from the hardest levels of training.

It's simply hands down the most potent and sophisticated blend... ever available!

At its base, MRE contains the highest quality Whey Isolate available, with zero concentrates. It also combines Whey Hydrolysate technology for a more rapidly absorbed profile to quickly support tissue repair. It then utilizes Collagen Hydrolysate, which is high in Proline, Hydroxyl-Proline and Glycine, for dramatic joint tissue support. Finally, MRE contains Egg Albumin for its broad amino acid profile to complete the full spectrum of precision protein support for hard training muscle adaptation.

Fully Fortified with the "Muscle Building" Staples...

MRE is then fortified with the training staples: L-Glutamine for cell volumization, a L-Leucine rich 8:1:1 BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) matrix and an enzyme blend for dramatic utilization. MRE is low in fats and carbs and contains no added sugars. It also has zero whey concentrates, zero casein or gluten. Best of all, the taste is incredible and it mixes very easily using just a spoon!

Time to Get the Edge on Your Competition...

If you are a hard training athlete looking for an edge, MRE protein was designed especially for your needs. Use it up to three times a day for maximum muscle and joint protein support.

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