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Muscle Warfare Now Available at Fitness First USA was started in 1996 as a mail order nutritional supplements provider for military members stationed overseas. While working as a VP of a small chain of supplement stores in New York, the founder, Mark Landsperger, realized from customers and family that our military members overseas had no good options for getting their protein powders and other supplements while deployed. When his company was purchased by a large chain of stores, he was given a small severance check and he decided to move on his dream. 

The company started with 24 hour phone service and toll free phone numbers in all areas of the world where US Soldiers were deployed.

Today the website generates 98% of the sales but customer service remains the top priority for What made them attractive to military members in 1996 is what has made them a leader in the business today to all bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts – Low Prices on the Best Brands, Top-Notch Customer Service and Low, Flat Rate Shipping rates.

Muscle Warfare Now Available in Brazil!


This great sports nutrition company offers the highest quality American sports nutrition to Brazil. They are a great partner for Muscle Warfare and represent our brand well! We are proud to have them as our exclusive distributor to Brazil! If your a store in Brazil looking for Muscle Warfare, Please use the contact info below to get serviced.

Braziliam destributor contact in Brasil

Procycle nutrition
Body Building comercio e Representacoes Ltda.
Sia Trecho 03 Lote 985 Bloco D Sala 111-DF /Brasil
Cep 71.200-030 fone (061)30286174
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Muscle Warfare Now Available in The UK! is our exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom! They launched their online trading with ambition to be UK number one sports supplement retailer. They push the limits of all products we offer, whilst remaining the value alternative.

Powerbody continually strives to beat the competition in both price and service. Match this with top quality supplements and incredibly fast delivery and you'll never look back at another supplement retailer again.

Check out Power Body's review of the new Muscle Warfare line!

Muscle Warfare Now On

pro source logo

Muscle Warfare is proud to announce that our products and new formulas are all distributed on!

Since 1996, no other supplement company in America has offered bodybuilders a more diverse array of products, services and value than ProSource ®. This success is based on a simple but unique strategy: Offer only the best quality, most research proven supplements available, eliminate the middle-man markups, and keep the prices super low.

As a result, you'll not only find the highly popular ProSource brand of ultra-premium-grade supplements, but you'll also find the greatest selection of bodybuilding's other top-brand products, all at the absolute lowest prices nationwide.

Muscle Warfare Products Now At The Vitamin Shoppe!

Muscle Warfare is proud to announce that our products are being distributed nationwide at top Vitamin Shoppe store locations! Company owner Daniel Amato states, “Being partnered with The Vitamin Shoppe is a big step for Muscle Warfare’s growth and distribution. The Vitamin Shoppe is an incredible store to browse with a lot of variety. It’s always easy to find what you want and get great service from the sales staff. Muscle Warfare couldn’t be happier to have their support!”. Muscle Warfare will continue to expand distribution in Vitamin Shoppe stores, so if Muscle Warfare is not found in your local Vitamin Shoppe yet, have them special order it or get it online.

Muscle Warfare Donates $254,600 Worth Of Meal Replacement Protein Powder To Help Haitian Quake Survivors

Due the enormous tragedy that has taken place in neighboring Haiti, MUSCLE WARFARE has teamed up with local supplement companies in the South Florida area and has coordinated a $254,600.64 supplement drop. This included (26 pallets) of high quality meal replacement protein powders, fortified with vitamins and minerals to be sent to Haiti in the coming week. We give special thanks to local church TCI (Trinity Church International) for their efforts in providing the shipping container and logistics for transport, delivery and distribution of the food supplement donations. TCI is also sending medical supplies and other aid in the shipping container. We look forward to sending another shipment out soon with TCI’s help in the future.

Muscle Warfare Donates $5000 To Help Families At “Place Of Hope”

Muscle Warfare is committed to helping change peoples lives, not only via our core goal of body and athletic and fitness transformation, but also through charitable contributions. Place of Hope is a unique faith-based, state-licensed child welfare organization providing family-style foster care (emergency and long-term); family outreach and intervention; transitional housing and support services; adoption and foster care recruitment and support; hope and healing opportunities for children and families who have been traumatized by abuse and neglect throughout our region. Place of Hope strives to foster and support healthy and productive lives, free of fear, endangerment, and most of all abuse. Children and families can find dignity, guidance, and hope through various programs and efforts at Place of Hope – Placing Hope in a Child’s Future.

Logon for more information on how you can help:

Muscle Warfare Makes Contribution To UFC’s “Fight For The Troops”!

UFC ContributionMuscle Warfare would like to commend the UFC of an incredible job helping build The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund with The Fight For The Troops event held last Saturday night. This incredible charity helps provide the best possible support for troops coming home with TBI (traumatic brain injuries) and also funds cutting edge research to insure the treatments are effective in bringing true, lasting relief from their suffering. The Wounded Warriors that come home from battle will not be forgotten. Be sure to make your donation to this great cause.

The UFC has set up a web-site address link for this charity at:

Muscle Warfare Now Available in Australia

Muscle Warfare is proud to announce exclusive partnership with the premier distributor of sports nutrition in Australia! NUTRI-SUPS WORLDWIDE™ DISTRIBUTION PTY LTD was founded by a dynamic and professional bodybuilding team who have fine-tuned many fitness programs and devoted many years to nutrition, health and the art of bodybuilding.

As the #1 American Distribution company specialized in Hardcore Brands in Australia, their aim is to improve quality of life and enhance physical and mental performance through superior nutrition and supplementation at the cheapest and most unbeatable prices in the Market. They distribute a wide range of bodybuilding supplements exclusively from America.


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